Gdynia Winter Swimming Cup


by Piotr Biankowski

GWSC 2021

    On 15-17 / 01/2020, the second international winter swimming competition will take place in Gdynia Yacht Port - GWSC (Gdynia Winter Swimming Cup) by Piotr Biankowski. An innovation will be the 1 km distance that will select the best of the best.

    The first last year's winter swimming competition - GWSC by Piotr Biankowski was a huge success in the international arena. Even though the water temperature dropped below 5 degrees Celsius, the atmosphere of the event was hot.

    Swimming in cold water is gaining more and more supporters, both among professional and amateur swimmers. The organisers have prepared a special category for novices. Become a Porpoise, which consists in swimming 25m in any style without any time limit. Each of the daredevils who complete the distance will receive a Porpoise Certificate. We also invite children who will swim the length of the pool accompanied by their parents, winning medals and the honourable title of the Porpoise.

    Josef Koberl, who will be a guest of honor at GWSC, will tell you some interesting facts and present the breaking of his Guinness record in being in the ice.

    There were over 200 swimmers from 10 countries on the marks of last year's edition. The event brought such celebrities to Gdynia as Josef Köberl from Austria (world record holder in being in ice), Victoria Mori from Argentina (she sailed a kilometre in Antarctic waters) or Hanna Bakuniak (Guinness record holder and world record holder for one mile in cold water). Aleksandra Bednarek (world champion in winter swimming), Bogusław Ogrodnik (winner of the ocean crown) and Marcin Trudnowski (world vice-champion in ice swimming, head of the Water Group, long-distance swimmer) and many other excellent competitors also appeared.

Start VIP

GWSC actively supports the Ronald McDonald Foundation. Thanks to the involvement of Piotr Biankowski as the Ambassador, the Foundation has already raised over PLN 100,000 for programs supporting children and their parents, including the construction of the Second Ronald McDonald House in Warsaw. Ice Mile for the Foundation, Tri2Help Campaign, picnics and meetings with children, and now the winter swimming competition - which the Foundation will be patron of!

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